You should know Shane Cobalt. He is one of those guys that flies just under the radar.

Jim Steinmeyer, Imagineer for Disney

Shane is one of the best sleight of hand guys in the world today.

Chris Kenner, Executive Producer to David Copperfield

Shane blew me away!

Robert Herjavec, CEO The Herjavec Group, Star of Shark Tank and Dragon's Den

Shane is like Jimmy Hendrix with a deck of cards, you don't make requests, you sit back and watch him work.

Elan Levitan, CMO Israel Bonds

On Stage

10 000 hours of practice...

Over 10 years of study...

Shane Cobalt is a master of deception. Experience the Impossible, be deceived by a gentleman and experience hand crafted deceptions that will send a delightful shiver up and down your spine.
If unforgettable is the goal, Shane Cobalt is your answer.

Inches away, experience the most amazing magic ever conceived while hearing many of the most remarkable stories about magic, magicians and the lengths they are willing to go for the perfect trick.


Nobody performs magic like Shane Cobalt. You will see objects appear and disappear, playing cards will defy gravity and light bulbs break and fix themselves. A unique experience you won't forget!

In Your Mind

Witness displays of mental agility as entire decks of cards are memorized in seconds, hidden objects located with a sixth sense and metal is caused to bend in your hands...



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